Viral Photo Of A Bride Carrying Her Husband While Kissing Him

An apparently strong bride has been spotted lifting her husband in her arms while kissing him at the same time.
wife carries husband
The bride lifting up her groom
It has always been said that what men can do, women can do it better and this photo here has aptly shed some light on this adage.

The photo which is now trending on social media, shows a woman, said to be a new bride, lifting a man, said to be her new husband, fondly in her arms. She then plants a warm kiss on his lips as he obviously appears to enjoy the move.

The exact town or city where the photo was taken is not certain but it has been reported that the couple are both Ghanaian citizens and are celebrating the great connection they share.

Social media users have found the photo quite amusing with many expressing surprise at the husband's willingness to be carried by his wife in that manner.

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