Bobrisky Exposed After Showing Off Firman Generator Remote As Lexus Car Key (Photos)

Bobrisky has gotten many social media users angry after trying to deceive them on Instagram.

Cross dresser, Bobrisky
Cross-dresser, Bobrisky
Nigerian cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky was today outed by social media users after he posted a picture of his car keys on his page.
The male-barbie took to his social media page to show off three key and some cash, praising himself for achieving so much at his young age.
Bob captioned the photo:
“Only me three cars 😂😂😂😂. I’m one of the people that cause hold up in Nigeria. Just imagine three cars for one person… while some have 6,5,4.

"Anyways five fans will join my luxury home for dinner on SUNDAY…. let me know if you are interested let me host you. Don’t forget you are going home with thanks for coming… you are coming to a big girl house”.
Reacting to this, some observant social media users blasted him saying the Lexus car key which he is showcasing is a generator remote control, not a car key.

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