Man Kills Two Suspicious Cats In His Bedroom (Photos)

This man here has expressed concerns after two cats were found engaged in a serious fight inside his bedroom.
 The cats
A neighbour displaying the cats
While this man was away from his house leaving his wife behind, two cats fighting on top of the roof fell inside when it caved in and landed in his room.
The cats were later killed by his neighbours. As an African man, he senses this could be a bad omen so he is seeking answers.
Some very spiritual and superstitious Nigerians believe this could have some future implications.
Read what he posted below:
"Good evening friends.
When I came back home from my journey today I saw picture of a cat killed by my neighbors inside my room.
It fell from the ceiling when they both had serious fight last night which made my wife to leave the house by 1:00am
Please can anyone read meaning to this, although I don't believe is evil shaa" 

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