Man Who Disguised As Female Muslim To Sleep With A Married Woman In Her Husband's House Nabbed

According to a Twitter user, a man met his waterloo after he was caught disguised as a woman to sleep with a Muslim lady in her matrimonial home.
 man nabbed
A man was allegedly caught after he disguised as a Muslim female wearing a Niqab to sleep with a married woman while her husband was away.

A social media user, The_Seeker76, shared pictures of a man wearing a Niqab as a female Muslim being accused of constantly sneaking into the house of a married woman to sleep with her.

The Twitter user wrote: "So this daredevil dude has been “kpanshing” another man’s wife for a very long time, disguising as a female Muslim with full body veil to gain access once oga is not at home

  "Like they say: everyday for the thief, one day for the owner of the house…the rest is HISTORY"

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