Stop Overthinking In 5 Seconds (Pidgin Language)

Our mind be like river and one thing wey we sabi about rivers na say e go continue to flow to any direction wey e choose and you no go fit do anything about am. But wait oh! Just imagine say u fit construct one big tunnel wey dey connected to this your river-like mind con direct the water to any where you choose am to flow go. You like that levels abi?

Make we give you the informate sharp sharp. Na the 3 ways to stop overthinking sharp sharp be this.

#1. Play confirm gbedu:

This method dey work instanta if you do am the correct way. To play better gyrating music Good but na to play the “right” music sure pass. Quick Quick grab one earpiece or headphone, play that music wey dey make you dance anytime any day.Play that song wey dey make you lose control, Play am Now Now!

#2. Watch Film:

Whether you wan use your android phone or television sha make sure say u siddon watch that film wey you don dey postpone to watch for long. And if you dey watch am ehn make sure say you dey SELFISH about am. Increase the volume wella and if you dey use your android phone make sure say you put your earphone like a boss. If anybody wan disturb you ehn…NO GREE! Give dem bad eye as dem come near you. Dem self go fear. If dem no like am make dem go hug the nearest transformer. E fit be like say your own don too much but the most important thing now na YOU. After your mood reset ehheen you fit turn back to Mr.Nice guy.

#3. Call your Sweetie

This method dey work wonders oh. Your sweetie nko? Your boo, honey pie, sugar in your tea and heartthrob dey somewhere na. Call am now now. Even if you no sabi how to describe how the thing dey do you, just open ya mouth begin talk. Make sure say you pour your mind out but small small. If you don do am at least you don take the matter off your mind. Why? Because overthinking no solve the problem at all.

The English version of this write up dey HERE

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