Etinosa Blasts Halima For Using Another Woman's Baby Photo As Hers But Halima Hits Back With A Stern Warning

Etinosa Idemudia has blasted Halima Abubakar following the revelation that Halima used anther woman's baby's photo to announce her own baby's arrival.
Halima and Etinosa
Etinosa Idemudia called out Halima Abubakar for using another woman's baby photo to announce the birth of her son and the latter hit back with a warning.

Etinosa took to Instagram to ask, "How can you steal another person's baby and upload it as yours OMG!!"
The comedienne/actress further tagged Halima Abubakar to the caption and blamed "fake life" for the actions of her senior colleague. Etinosa also blamed "unnecessary pressure" mounted on women by society.

However, Halima Abubakar hit back by taking a screenshot of Etinosa's post and sharing on her page with a warning included in her caption. See her post below.

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