Hungry Lagosians Mob A Bus Loaded With Bread In Agege (Video)

A hungry mob has attacked a bus loaded with bread before stealing its content in Lagos state.
Hungry Lagosians stealing food from bus
Hungry Lagosians taking food from bus
The lockdown extension has left Nigerians with no choice but to look for food by all means possible as Hungry Lagos residents have been spotted attacking a bus load of bread.
In a shocking video shared on Twitter showing the state of things in Nigeria, the mob could be seen taking bread from the bus.
TweetOracle shared the video and wrote: "Hungry Lagosians ATTACK a bus load of bread  .
Truly shocking scenes and typical depiction of the hunger in the land.

Our leaders need to do more to make this #LockDown less miserable for Nigerians.

So much suffering,OMG!"

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