You’ll Need To Be Auditioned Before You Join Us – Popular Pallbearers

Popular Ghanaian Pallbearers known by social media users as #dadaawu have spoken about how they recruit their staffs.

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Popular Pallbearers

According to them, people who want to join will have to purchase a form and go through an audition for the particular position he/she wants and after an assessment is made, he/she will qualify for the position.

They mentioned that if you’re approved by the audition team, the staff is expected to pay an entry fee before he/she is accepted as a member of the group.

On whether the individual needs to be spiritually fortified, they mentioned that it’s not imperative because they do not believe in black magic but rather, they believe in the protection of the Lord.

On their plans after they have enjoyed the needed mention by Ghanaians, the group disclosed that they have International assignments to handle after the Coronavirus is over.

They also spoke on whether they use black magic in undertaking their duties.

To them, they put God first so instead of using black magic, they pray and dedicate their work in the hands of God.

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