Make Money From Reading News Online In Nigeria

Now is the time to make money, even more, weekly to your Bank. We guarantee you’d smile just by reading news on and still getting paid for it. You can earn up to ₦75,000 Weekly with the NewsPay Earning Bundle Program.

Read latest news, gossips, stories and happenings around Nigeria and get paid for it every single day – No gimmicks, no games – no strings attached. We bet you’d be blown away by our awesomeness. Its real .

NewsPay has come to bridge the gap of reading news online while keeping yourself busy and enjoying stories, gossips and in addition, you get paid from us weekly to your Bank account – 100% REAL and GUARANTEED PAYMENTS to your Nigerian Bank Account instantly by transfer.

NewsPay Nigeria is a branch of news sharing platform of Hippo Information Technology, an ICT company with a registered company address and details. Registration company number ED64245.

NewsPay Nigeria is a brand of news platform that curate news and social happenings all around Nigeria from local, bloggers at large and Nigerian branded newspaper online sites, Apple News, Google News, Punch Newspapers to share to our ‘blogoshpere’ of readers the latest news.
In turn, by doing this, we also pay our thousands of readers monthly to their Bank account as a way to make Nigerian earn while indulging their time reading news and commenting on our sponsored posts, ads and platforms.

The earning program was launched to curb the social media ‘laziness’ among Nigerians – we would say, a way you can as well ‘be lazy‘ and make money with it. In otherwords, our system is a way to make your idleness worth it.

Which means, at every point in time you are in your leisure time, in the bus, relaxing by the pool side, waiting for your boyfriend to come pick you by the junction, waiting for mum’s food to get served or whatever free time, you think you have, 5 to 10 sponsored posts read on our platform would have added some cash to your account thereby, you get reward for it by the end of the month to your BANK.


As a registered user on NewsPay Earning Bundle Program – there are about 10 ways to earn on the system which we would be explaining subsequently.

You earn ₦30 bonus funds when you successfully register your account. The funds would instantly reflect when you access your account area. This is the welcome bonus attached to you for thanking you for registering on the platform.

You earn ₦2 money by making good and well constructed comments relating to the article you are reading. (You will also earn ₦2 when you reply a comment of someone in an article).

You earn ₦2 money when you read our POSTS on and from our Sponsors.

You earn ₦100 for sharing our SPONSORED POSTS to your social media handle for the day. You will have to login to your account, click on SPONSORED POST and follow the direction there for sharing your SPONSORED POST for the day. SPONSORED POSTS are paid promotional post on NewsPay platform.

You earn ₦100 when you submit a well constructed, informative post and approved post to the Community.
You earn ₦2 for daily visit to (This is different from your ACTIVE DAILY LOGIN Earnings)

You earn almost ₦1,000 money when you refer your friends, family and coworkers to NEWSPAY earning Program. 40% allocated earnings which is almost ₦1,000 including other bonuses. The more referrals you make, the more profits you earn as well. This earnings would automatically reflect in your affiliate earning Account Balance.

You earn ₦50 for ACTIVE DAILY Login to your NewsPay Member account.

All these for a one-time registration fee of  N1600.

You earn a slice of the ₦10 Million Naira Monthly Ad revenue from NewsPay Advertisers as we share our advertising revenue with you up to ₦1,000,000 could be paid in ad sharing revenue with you at the end of the year and send them to your account upon your withdrawal request. This Yearly Ad earnings depends on your activities on NewsPay. Your activities of your earnings is constantly credited as our advertisers pay for Ad revenue with us.

Don't worry, NOSY GIST is affiliated with Newspay. So you are safe.

Registration cannot be done by oneself because you need to be referred by a member who has access to a coupon code for registration.

To register through Nosy Gist simply send a whatsapp message to this number : 07085178083 and a NOSY SERVICE agent will register you quickly.


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  4. idence of payment is made known, so far it's being OK. If you want to join you can use my referral link website


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